$ 1,000 & Up

Kathleen & Darryl Weiman

(Partners in Education)

$ 500 to $ 999

WSHS ABC (Athletic Booster Club)

$ 100 to $ 499

Monique & Neil Beals

Aidar Gosmanov & Elvira Gosmanova

Lloydetta Stovall

Carol and A Stacey Headley

Terrence & Janet Geiger

Kathleen Mooney

Elise Daniel

Pediatric Dental Group

Hallie & Marc Charney

Portia & Daniel Harvey

Ann Bledsoe

Trend Sales

Up to $ 99

Muthuswamy & Usha Swamy

Leila & Scott Springer

Shirley Carpenter

Josy & Brent Wheeler

Deokumar & Kalpana Srivastava

Any & Todd Singer

Teresa Padilla

Gaye & Dan Swan

The Parents of Victoria Nguyen

Amy & Don Wilson

The Parents of Fabain Johnson

Hollie & Geddes Self

Kenneth & Deborah Bennett

Teresa Hartnett

Patrice & Steven Fuson

Sue Carter

Johnathan & Andrea Scilken

We could not make Project Graduation happen without the generous
support of our sponsors or our valued volunteers.

Thank you to all!!!