2015 Sponsors

$ 1,000 & Up  

White Station High School P.I.E.

White Station High School Athletic Club

$ 500 to $999  

Lisa Kennedy 


$ 100 to $ 499

Simple Tax Solutions

Johnson's CarolaVision Photography

Kathleen Weiman

Kathryn Clancy

Lakshmi Dasaree, M.D.P.C.

Jackquelynne Jackson Walden

LaTouche Family  

Carter -Banks

Tima's Exquisite Creations

Brad & Cathy Smith (Smith-Berclair Insurance, Inc)

Osborne & Glarreter Carter-Burks

David & Beth Pepperman

Patricia Kennedy

Shelley Goebel 

Cathy Lancaster

Up to $ 99

J.M. Reed Goebel

Jason & Sharon O'Guin

Sheila Criswell

Thomas & Tammie Hayes

Mary Powers & Thomas Bailey

Pat Sutton

Cathy Dean

Stereo One

Don Hayes

Pam Scarbrough

Katy Spurlock

William & Robin Ballou

Elizabeth A. Harris

William & Lucy Craven

Dawn Hays

Merriment Baking

Marie Dowling

Ana Karabell

Tony Whitaker


We could not make Project Graduation happen without the generous 
support of our sponsors or our valued volunteers.

Thank you to all!!!